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Bank Reset

On Friday the 20th of January I will do an overall bank reset.
For more information, check the event.

Voting is working

Go to our vote page, and vote for all 5 sites.
Claim your vote, by filling in your in-game username and hit 'Claim'
In the game, perform the command ::checkvote to receive your game token(s).

You can sell your vote tokens, or claim them.
Claiming a vote token gives you 500k, 1 vote point, 1 spin ticket and 1 medium XP lamp.


Holyjordyn Beta-Tester
haze Beta-Tester
Kiwii Beta-Tester

Forum Topics

Spippo Owner
Spippo Yesterday, 08:48
Holyjordyn Beta-Tester
Thankyou! uhm. How do I join? ;)
Spippo Owner
Spippo Owner
Welcome to the team
Spippo Jan 15
Spippo Owner

Upcoming events

Bank reset for Beta-Testers
Hi Beta testers! We know you all love the best gear, weapons and items.But we really want you to te...
Spippo Jan 20



Welcome to the RealScape website!
RealScape is the most complete RSPS for your desires, PK, PvM and Skilling!

If you still feel like there is something missing, we suggest you make a visit to the Forums!

Donating and voting for our server helps us a lot! But it also helps YOU!
By donating you receive in-game currency or items and special perks such as Runespan, Impetuous Impulses and Livid Farms to make grinding easier.
You can get rewards from voting as well. By voting for our server you will receive a standard amount of cash, vote tickets and squeal of fortune spins. With these vote tickets you can purchase very useful, but also cosmetic items.

Do you have any questions? Don't be scared to approach any of the staff team members! If they are not able to help you right that moment, we are sure there may be players who could help you out as well.

We are currently in BETA-testing!
!!! The client is not public available !!!
If you want to test, fill-in an the application on our forum

Staff member list:
Owner : Spippo
Admin : Bronze
Beta-Tester: Putkin, Froob, Adam, Unholygod, gamer4life, virginianye, Quiet, Yuyo, Furtastic

The RealScape Staff Team

Updates / Notifications

Weekly bug fixes (Week #2 : 9 - 15 Jan)

This is the first week we've been online.
Many people have registered on our website, and applied for beta-tester.
I'm very happy that we have found some great beta testers so far!
This game will never be the best RSPS without you guys!

For the fixed bugs, check the forum